10 Creative Job Adverts To Inspire You

10 Creative Job Adverts To Inspire You

The job advert is just the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to the recruitment process. Job ads are regularly neglected.They can often be off-putting to potential employees, and actually end up wasting you more time in the long run, by generating the wrong types of candidates. They may be too wordy, too vague or just extremely boring. It’s time to spice things up! Here are some of our favourite creative ads which we hope will inspire you to rethink the way you advertise your roles!

Big, bold and simple, as well as a clever play on words. IKEA you get a gold sticker.


2. Murder Burger 
Who wouldn’t want to work with Noel, Gary and Big Tone? At least they are honest!


3. Penguin
Just because everyone LOVES penguins don’t they! Too cute for words. Thank you Penguin for using your logo to tug on our animal-loving heartstrings.


4. Radio1UAE
Good question. Why don’t you have a go now? Go on…sell air! Very smart advertising by Radio1UAE.


5. Microsoft
A revolutionary approach to the pre-screening process by Microsoft. Their applicants have already crossed the first hurdle by managing to call up!


6. Burger King
Got to love the competitor banter here! Burger King, you do the best chips at the very least…#DontmentiontheM


7. Gap
This advertisement for Christmas staff by Gap makes the Christmas sales role seem a lot more tranquil and enjoyable than it actually is. We like the fact that they have replaced the lyrics of a well known Christmas song with their own. Although we now can’t stop humming the tune and it’s almost mid-August. Too early?


8. Everlane
Please do not inform students of this vacancy. We don’t want to be responsible for insanely clever rule breakers and truants!


9. Saatchi & Saatchi
What do you think Saatchi & Saatchi are in need of here? A copywriter perhaps?


10. Blockbuster
Sounds like the manager of this Blockbuster video store had a pretty hairy or shall we say, scaly experience, with one of their employees.


We are so used to employers advertising their jobs but what about this guy who used all of his leftover money to advertise himself?!


If you are a Direct Employer or a Recruitment Consultant advertising Marketing or Digital roles at the moment, our experienced team would love to hear from you. Maybe we can help you get a little creative too…


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