10 Sandwiches You’re Unlikely To Find At A Recruitment Event

We recently partnered with On The Edge Digital conferences for a full day dedicated to marketing within the recruitment sector. The feedback from the event has been fantastic. The speakers were world-class and the management of the entire day was addressed to a tee, however, there was one slight gripe that virtually every single delegate had. THE SANDWICHES. Yes, the lunch spread. There is no beating round the bush with this one, the lunch resembled something you’d find at a 5 year old’s birthday party, not at an exclusive recruitment marketing event! The only thing that was missing was the Barbie and Ken goody bags.

A sandwich as we know it is the astounding food item consisting of one of more types of food, attentively pressed and amalgamated amidst two robust slices of bread, which serve as both the wrapper and the utensil in which to consume this fascinating and breathtaking, historical culinary invention.

Today we are going to turn our attentions to event sandwiches. Sandwiches that you find at events. Recruitment events. Recruitment marketing events. Recruitment marketing event sandwiches. RME sandwiches. This species of sandwich is probably not the most exhilarating of concoctions native to the sandwich kingdom. Far from it. If John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich was ever unlucky enough to experience the RME sandwich, he would likely be shocked, outraged and down right discombobulated by the inferior filling combinations. The lack of solid golden crust would doubtlessly send him into an early grave (if he was still alive) and we feel that it is our duty to John, to give marketers in the recruitment agency world, a little bit of HOPE where sandwiches at events are concerned. Or not. Please observe:


The Recruitment Marketing Event Sandwich

recruitment sandwich

After delving deep into the world of the sandwich and all the things that make sandwiches what they are today, we’ve come up with 10 sandwiches that you would LOVE to, but NEVER find at a recruitment marketing event:


1. Katz’s Pastrami

Katz's pastrami

If you ever find yourself at a recruitment marketing event in New York City with a shit sandwich spread, get yourself down to Katz’s Deli for a pastrami sandwich.

‘A Lower East Side fixture since 1888, Katz’s is the quintessential New York pastrami joint, and one of the few places where locals and tourists mix and mingle. The sandwiches are sweet, juicy, famously massive, and one of only two in the city with hand-carved meat (Mile End is the other). You’d be hard pressed to find a more classic New York meal than Katz’s pastrami on rye with Dr. Brown’s Black Cherry soda.’ – The Thrillest

 2. Bacon Naan Roll at Dishoom

Dishoom bacon naan

A sandwich for curry lovers and a sandwich you most definitely would NOT find at a rec marketing event, Dishoom’s bacon naan is a bacon sandwich revolution.

‘The smoked streaky bacon is dry cured for five days using a mix of rock salt, curing salt and Demerara sugar, before being cold smoked overnight above natural oak chippings to create a sweet smoky flavour in perfect harmony with the tangy jam. Bacon perfection.’ – The Telegraph


3. Paddington Bear’s Marmalade Sandwich

We don’t know what it is about Paddington Bear and his marmalade sandwiches but their presence, more so in the cartoon version, was nothing less than celestial. The sticky sound of Padders munching away, sandwich after sandwich, had us weak at the knees as children, and it’s a memory that has remained long into some of our adulthood’s (mainly Simon Lewis‘ because he’s got a good 25 years on the rest of us).

4. Grilled cheese at Kappacasein

Grilled cheese a kapasin

If you’re looking for a bloody decent sandwich in the London Bridge area, Borough Market is absolutely the place to go (good intel if you’re at a recruitment event south of the river and you don’t want a RME sandwich). Kappacasein serve up what can only be described as a cheese utopia and it really is the most divine specimen of a sandwich we’ve ever sampled.


5. Croque Monsieur at Les Deux Magots

Croque monsier

The best thing about France…the Croque Monsieur. You don’t have to look very far in Paris to find a decent cheese toastie (let’s face it, that’s what it is), but Les Deux Magots are FAMOUS for them.

6. The Fish Finger Sandwich

fish finger sandwich

Seriously, if recruitment marketing events served fish finger sandwiches our lives would be complete! We aren’t talking about your bog standard, breaded Birdseye fish fingers though. We are talking beer-battered cod digits, bathed in extra creamy tartar sauce avec the crunch of a Butterhead Bibb lettuce and a couple of well placed gherkin slices.

7. The Macbeth, Deeneys – £5

the macbeth

If you’re a Scotsman living in London, or if you just love haggis, get yourself down to Deeney’s with a fiver and bag this ridiculous looking haggis toastie A.S.A.P.

‘The Macbeth haggis toastie is making quite a name for itself. A hearty amount of haggis and cheddar is melted together, complemented with mustard, caramelised onions and rocket, sandwiched between lovely granary bread.’ – Shepherds Markets

I mean, a fiver? COME ON! You wouldn’t find that at a recruitment marketing event would you?


8. Lobster Roll, Burger and Lobster

Lobster roll

For all the fishy lovers out there, we have Burger and Lobster’s lobster roll. Even the least ‘lobstery’ type will appreciate its moist centre and melt in the mouth bun.

9. The Dagwood


The Dagwood has to be the King of the sandwiches.

“The Dagwood is a tall, multi-layered sandwich made with a variety of meats, cheeses, and condiments. It was named after Dagwood Bumstead, a central character in the comic strip Blondie, who is frequently illustrated making enormous sandwiches. According to Blondie scripter Dean Young, his father, Chic Young, began drawing the huge sandwiches in the comic strip during 1936.” – thanks Wikipedia for the sterling explanation. Not that we really needed one…look at THAT sandwich.

10. Ross’ sandwich



Now, we have never actually seen Ross’ sandwich but there is absolutely no denying how much that one sandwich improved his quality of life. I doubt I will ever witness such an extreme level of dedication for one lost sandwich in all of my remaining days on this earth, and it is for this reason, that Ross’ sandwich should fall into the top 10 sandwiches you wouldn’t find at a recruitment marketing event.

Eaten any questionable sandwiches recently? At a recruitment marketing event perhaps?




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