10 Traits To Look For When Hiring For Your Startup

Are you currently attempting to hire for your startup but you’re unsure on what traits to look for in the exceptional future workforce you’ve always dreamed of? Here are 10 traits to get you started and perhaps give you a touch of inspiration…#MondayMotivation at least?






Raw talent


Social presence

A couple of years experience


To find marketing candidates, with one/two/three/four or MORE of these traits, you probably should get in touch with our Account Managers. Specifically, Caggsy Caggles Potter (Craig Taylor but feel free to call him Caggsy) and Grumpy Grant (he’s not really grumpy he’s just got one of those resting bitch faces. Don’t tell him I wrote that). Both know many wise and wonderful things about attracting first-class candidates so they are definitely worth humouring. Get in contact with them here or give them a call on 02031766677.

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