11 New Year’s Resolutions Every Recruiter Should Make

It’s a New Year which means you’ve got 366 new days to play with (LEAP YEAR) and 366 days to enhance your recruitment process. People are crafting resolutions left right and centre at the moment and you’ve probably made a few already.

Giving up chocolate? Taking up a new hobby? Improving your personal grooming regime? Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s great and you possibly haven’t broken it in the four days since the New Year, but we bet that none of your resolutions have involved improvements to your job! Check out this list of career-changing ideas that could spell the difference between an accomplished year and a terrible one.


  1. Ditch The 2001 ATS

The ATS was a hot topic for recruiters in 2015, but did anyone actually act on the claims? If you’re still grappling with a long, outdated ATS, 2016 is your year for change. Many applicant tracking systems were designed in the late 90’s. If you think back to the computer hardware/software that you were using in the 90’s compared to what you use now, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why the ATS is responsible for high levels of candidate drop off. Having a slick, easy to use system will make your job ten times simpler. Aim for a one click application. Applying for a job should be as easy as a click of a mouse, especially if you’re looking to attract those rare, passive candidates.


  1. Get Social Savvy

Social media is huge and has been for the best part of 10 years. Simple notion. If you aren’t already using social media as part of your recruitment efforts then what are you waiting for?

98% of 18-24 year olds use social media. Think about all the graduate and entry level positions you could be filling by making the most out of social websites! You can’t solely rely on old-fashioned methods of recruitment anymore because you aren’t recruiting old-fashioned candidates. Waiting for candidates to apply through your website whilst pointlessly sifting the company database isn’t good enough for 2016. You need to drag your employer brand out of its closet and build your social presence starting NOW.


  1. Mobile First

The statistics for mobile are no secret, and mobile internet usage is only going to increase as we move through 2016 and beyond! It is suggested that by 2017 (yes this is now next year!) more than 63% of mobile users will access online content through their devices.

Not sure where to start with mobile?

The best place to begin where mobile is concerned is to test it out yourself. Access your webpage through your own devices and analyse the weak spots. Assess page aesthetics and usability. From that point you should be able to consider the small changes you need to make in order to create a healthier, mobile-friendly recruitment process.


  1. Recruitment The Team Sport

Recruitment doesn’t have to be ME ME ME! Of course, if you are working on a commission basis in an agency, it can understandably be difficult to adopt this mind-set, but you can still make your recruitment role a team activity, particularly if you’re a manager. Incentives and competitions can make the role very fun and inclusive.

An easy amendment to the process for in-house recruiters is to involve the wider team in the recruitment process. Just because other employees aren’t part of the recruitment team, it doesn’t mean they can’t add value to it. For example, if you’re looking for a role in a challenging area, utilising the resource you already have to help you fill the role i.e. employees in the role currently, can help enormously. You aren’t the only person in the business with a big network. Existing employees will have access to a number of candidates that you won’t through years of networking and education. Get them involved!


  1. Recruit Like A Marketer

Recruitment is not unlike marketing. If you’re thinking of changing up your process for 2016, put your marketing hat on and learn to do things a little differently. It’s all about the employer brand and the employer value proposition, which can only exist if you create and promote it. Think about your website, your employer tone of voice and your presence on social media. Remember that as a recruiter, you are selling a role. You’re selling a company and it’s important to have a strong brand message to back this up.


  1. Educate Yourself

This point is particularly pertinent for recruitment consultants. Sometimes, you are thrown into a role within a specific sector and you’re expected to hit the ground running and work with your raw recruitment skills. That’s great, but it’s time to play catch up. The very best consultants know their industries and disciplines so well, that they could probably land a job within them just as easily as their clients and candidates can. If you feel you’re a bit behind, make 2016 the year of knowledge and get to grips with your industry. Explore every nook and cranny. It can mean as little as a bit of light reading on your commute. You can sign up to newsletters and attend events. Do whatever you have to do and you will soon build more credibility in your space.


  1. Work Smarter

2016 is the year that you are finally going to work SMARTER. It’s time to stop aimlessly browsing LinkedIn for candidates because that’s what you fancy doing on a Tuesday morning. By working smarter you will actually find yourself working less but for much bigger return. Check out this article which illustrates 4 key behaviours that you can adopt to put yourself into the top bracket of high performing recruiters. It’s time to think about WHAT you’re doing, WHEN you’re doing it, HOW you’re doing it and most importantly WHY. Once you’ve got these things added up you should start to see some positive changes.


  1. Explore New Technology

There are so many tools available to recruiters designed specifically to make your job easier and to help you work more efficiently. If you aren’t already exploring new technologies to aid your process, why not start now? You can find tools to help with everything from analytics to social media integration. It’s time to do your homework and make some positive changes.


  1. Respond To EVERY Candidate

This is so important and goes a long way in providing a memorable, first-class candidate experience. It is easy to dismiss candidates who aren’t suitable by not emailing back and not providing sufficient feedback but there is so much competition in this industry, that if you aren’t doing the simplest things such as responding to applicants, you aren’t going to be on top of your game. You should absolutely make it your top priority to respond to all applicants and be as courteous as possible, even if it’s not always reciprocated. You will find that by providing this kind of experience, candidates will remember you and will be more likely to respond when you have a role for them that is much better suited.


  1. Don’t Waste Time To Hit KPI’s

Everyone has conducted an interview with a not so relevant candidate that lasted an hour just to look busy and hit their interview target. It’s time to dispel that attitude this year. It is a waste of time for you, but more importantly it is a waste of time for that candidate. They could have spent that hour speaking to a recruiter who was far more relevant in terms of roles and industry but instead you ‘entertained’ them so you didn’t get a stern look from your boss at 4 o’clock Friday. Spend your time on valuable things. We know you have targets to hit, but you’ll yield more results in the long run by spending time on more relevant tasks.


  1. Pick Up The Phone

One phone call can transform your day, month and even your year where business is concerned and especially in recruitment. One phone call can be the first step towards a lucrative PSL agreement which will guarantee smashed targets for the next 12 months. It could be a call from the perfect candidate for a role you’ve struggled with for weeks. We know you get tired, and sometimes you have days where you are forever saying you will call back, but you need to stop that. Make the effort to pick up the phone because it only takes one conversation to change the course of your day, month, year and even career!


We hope this has given you a few ideas on changes you can make to your process this year. Looking to use a new recruitment technology to help further your efforts? Contact one of our Account Managers on 0203 176 6677 to find out what we can do to help you!

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