13 Harry Potter Characters You WILL Find In Recruitment

The important question is, WITCH one are you?


Harry Potter


You wear your heart on your sleeve which can sometimes render you unable to hide and control your emotions, particularly anger and fury. This isn’t the best trait to have when it comes to clients behaving badly, and candidates going AWOL.

You tackle most situations and problems alone, often jumping in all guns blazing before considering all your options first. You’re a bit of a celebrity in the office and, indeed, on the recruitment scene and you definitely don’t play by the rules if you think it’s for the greater good. Some may call you ‘The Chosen One’ which puts you under serious pressure to act consistently awesome.

Your desire to live up to your reputation and to prove that you deserve that accolade is probably what has created your need to constantly be seen as the hero of the office.


Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody


Already at an advantage due to the fact that you can see through the back of your own head, you settle into the groove of the office easily. You don’t need to worry about Rita from Marketing snooping around your desk because your 360-degree vision means you spotted her a mile off and you’ve taken a tactical break!

Whilst you have an extremely strong sense of will, you also suffer from severe paranoia which means you have little trust for anyone else. You doubt your candidate will turn up for their interview and you definitely don’t trust that your client isn’t engaging 3 other recruiters even though you agreed exclusivity.

Your distrust for people actually gives you quite a unique outlook as a recruiter as you forever have a backup when the inevitable goes wrong. You are probably slightly too ‘neggy’.


Minerva McGonagall


A leader by nature, you are highly intelligent and powerful as a recruiter. You will no doubt be managing your own team and although a strict manager you certainly have your team’s respect. If someone messes up, you aren’t scared of delivering the discipline and you don’t show favouritism towards your own team during company-wide incentives. You are a fair and even manager to say the least.

You have a serious façade so unfortunately you won’t be found down The Lucky Horseshoe for a Friday pint. You prefer to ride solo where emotional relationships are concerned but you make the odd exception for the Managing Director and key clients.

You have a serious fear of exhibiting your sensitive side and go through a great deal of pain in order to hide it. You’re a great recruiter because you can deal with the painful pitfalls that come with the job.


Rubeus Hagrid


For a start, you are so tall that you are officially classed as a giant by UK standards. You are known throughout the business, and the 34 storey building you’re based in, as the gentle giant and everyone LOVES you. You’ve got thick skin which helps protect you against deals falling out and lack of milk in the office fridge. You are seen as a great source of strength for everyone else in the business, and it is noticeable when you’re not in. A character, one might say.

Your gentle giant status also gives you an advantage when meeting with terrifying senior clients. It’s a great ice-breaker and they are potentially slightly intimidated by you. This gives you the ability to interact and negotiate with high authority figures much easier than some of your colleagues.

However, you can sometimes be slightly naïve when it comes to your insight into other people and their motives, although most of the time it goes straight over your head regardless. Because everyone constantly wants to chat to you, you are basically terrible at keeping secrets, but no one can hate you for it because, let’s face it, your Hagrid! Not the best when it comes to telling candidates they got the job before the formal offer is made…especially if a client changes their mind.


Albus Dumbledore


Oh wise one. You have a highly senior position within your business, probably a ‘Head of’ or ‘Director’ position and it’s not hard to guess how you got there.

Your kind and mildly eccentric nature contradict your recruitment prowess, but it works in your favour when it comes to surprising your doubters and gaining internal and external respect. You are a fabulous mentor for being generous and fair in your approach, and you are likely to be a leader of multiple teams. You tend to see the very best in people and don’t give up on a struggling member of the team easily.

Because you are uber cool and everyone whispers about how insane you are as a recruitment manager, it has prevented you from gathering a close circle of colleagues that you can trust. It is amazing that you have climbed to your current position with very little advice and mentoring yourself, but this route to the top has made you aloof and at times, secretive.


Argus Filch


So, you aren’t great at what you do. Sorry to break it to you, but you pretty much have zero recruitment ability whatsoever. Thing is, your MD has a soft spot for you. They know that you aren’t the most employable person in the world and they want to help you out. After all, you’re practically part of the office furniture since the business’ inception circa 97. You may be a totally useless member of staff, I mean, no one really knows what you actually do, but you’re an expert when it comes to office maintenance.

You literally know where everything is and can recite every phone extension from memory. The only problem is, you’re pretty bitter. The child of business geniuses, you really thought recruitment would be your big break. But it wasn’t. Having to immerse yourself into the sales superstar division that your boss has so kindly sat you in, renders you incredibly hostile. Watching those young recruiters living the commission fuelled lifestyle you only dreamed of for yourself is like torture. You combat this by placing copious restrictions on your fellow colleagues including; biscuit rations, timed bowl usage and designated toilet breaks.


Severus Snape


The mysterious one. You’re exceptionally intelligent and you’re intensely loyal to your team (even though you aren’t the most emotional person in the world). You’ve got a bit of a reputation for being mates with the meanies, but unlike your evil gaggle of colleagues you do actually possess the ability to love. Deep, deep down.

The interesting thing about you is that you actually align yourself as completely neutral within the business, without anyone actually knowing. You might seem hard faced and emotionless whilst chatting to candidates in front of your colleagues, but in secret you actually meet them for drinks every Thursday because it’s more fun than face to face interviews and you relish the challenge of stealthy operations.

Not going to lie, you pretty much win the ‘Moodiest Personality of The Year’ award at every staff conference and the dark circles under your eyes are somewhat sinister, you’re actually a secret good egg. Your biggest issue where your colleagues are concerned, is your failure to forgive grudges. You are the worst. When Jimmy from Medical Devices accidentally put an extra half of sugar in your tea, you didn’t speak to him for 5 months. It’s a bit extreme.


 Ron Weasley


You are the cheerful, easy-going, and slow to anger recruiter. You rarely get angry when things don’t go your way and you’re  able to give calm, reasonable advice to your more emotional colleagues in testing times. You have insecurities and a huge lack of confidence which causes you to retreat and observe rather than contribute. In boardroom meetings you are virtually mute for fear of getting shot down by your peers, preferring the back seat. However, all your observing has given you a highly objective viewpoint, so you tend to be a pivotal person when it comes to making key business decisions in the background.

When you actually do speak up, you’re usually cracking an awkward joke that no one finds remotely funny. You like your creature comforts and every Monday you come into the office, fresh from your Nan’s house with a cheese and onion pie in tow. Your desk is also covered in European keyrings and you organise your candidate notes in order of friendliness.

99% likely to be deathly afraid of spiders.


Neville Longbottom


You are the classic recruitment, and indeed, life misfit. You stumble into the coat rack every morning before spending the first 10 minutes of your day wondering how on earth you ended up in recruitment, whilst examining your perfectly coiffed colleagues.

You’re shy and awkward by nature which makes you very unique as a recruiter, but somehow it just works. For a start, you recruit within the Accountancy space…

You’re clumsiness, and general weirdness makes you an undesirable lunch pal for your fellow comrades. You are typically a target for your meaner colleagues and you have few friends in the office. The colleagues who actually respond when you pose an out-of-office question are merely being tolerable.

The great thing about you is that despite all of the hardship you endure on a day to day basis, you actually possess immense courage and you are working really hard to try and improve your in-office deficiencies. You’re also still a fairly good, middle of the road recruiter. Not fire-able by any stretch.


Hermione Granger


‘The brightest recruiter of your age’ some might say. Your intelligence is baffling to many and your passion for the talent industry is unrivalled. You adopt a strict ‘rule-abiding’ point-of-view which can be off-putting for colleagues when they first meet you. Once they get past the stage of finding you highly irritating they realise that you are incredibly high value.

When colleagues are struggling you are the first to provide them with alternative approaches to their situations. You are highly logical, quick thinking and adaptable, making you a bit of an all-rounder where recruitment is concerned. Your cool demeanour, even under intense stress, prevents you from panicking. If you haven’t billed all month, you’ll quickly devise an alternative solution and rake a placement in out of thin air.

You are a natural organiser and you love to plan! Your diary is packed tight with back to back meetings as well as extracurricular activities to enrich your recruitment knowledge. Your desk is so clean that it looks permanently vacant. Your greatest fear is failure and you’re incredibly bossy, not to mention fairly high strung, but clients love you because you are efficient and candidates go to your interviews because they are scared of what might happen if they don’t.


Lord Voldemort


Pure recruitment evil is what you are and you’ll never change. You are absolutely brutal and there’s no denying it. You have an insatiable lust for power and you’ll do anything to achieve total domination. You’re loyal to no one with zero friends, both in work and out of work, which isn’t helped by the fact that you’re overconfident. Even though you are feared by every recruiter in every industry (mainly because you spend all day correcting people’s grammar on LinkedIn/you are the definition of a keyboard warrior) you actually ignore many minor details which lead you into temporary failure.

You recognise the meaning of love and how nice it would be to have friends, but you don’t really care. You like dealing with the nasty clients because they are audio versions of yourself (who you love) and you consider any form of emotion a weakness. You think loyalty is a joke and you could really do with a holiday because your skin is virtually transparent.


Luna Lovegood


The office eccentric, you believe in all the spiritual stuff. You’re in such a world of your own that it doesn’t really matter what your colleagues think and people are secretly attracted to your innocent outlook. You’re incredibly open-minded and enjoy dealing with candidates who are less than normal because you are the most curious person that ever lived.

For being as ditsy as you come across, you’re actually incredibly perceptive of colleagues, candidates and clients. Particularly when it comes to feelings and emotions. You rarely feel animosity and you have a calming aura about you. You never get angry but you do ‘space-out’ at times which is not the best when you’re trying to deliver a £90k offer to a candidate. Your biggest downfall is that you tend to be over-honest in your assessment of candidates which can be somewhat dismaying for the poor people relying on you for job-seeking success.




All you want is freedom. Your strong sense of loyalty and desire to serve gets you to work every day but you are simply a slave to recruitment. You watch the clock whilst making pleasantries to your colleagues, simultaneously cursing them to Jackson and back in your head, praying for someone to release you from the prison that is 34 Whitehall Road.

You have a will of your own but you rarely exploit it, preferring to please and submit yourself to both your colleagues and your superiors. However, it’s all false because you just want them to let you go.

Poor Dobby.


The following video is completely unrelated to recruitment but if you didn’t watch this repeatedly as a teenager whilst procrastinating from revision at 2 o’clock in the morning then you quite frankly haven’t lived.



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