13 Top Office Hacks To Improve Work Life Ambience

The office. An enchanted forest of unwashed mugs and Jeremy Kyle-style arguments about communal bin responsibilities. It’s just great isn’t it? Office politics pour out of every orifice of the four wall confines, from the high brow stakeholder meetings to the preliminary white coffees of the day. We’ve rounded up 13 of the cheekiest office hacks to help enhance the ambience of your working day and hopefully aid you in daily office combat.


1.Tea Round App

Never squabble over the tea round again with this trusty tea round app! Gone will be the days of rock, paper, scissor battles over kettle management. This app administers a fair and square route to beverage composition harmony.

friends rock paper scissors


2. Hair Straighteners

Use your straighteners on your hair if you absolutely insist. However, we have a substitute that is a thousand times more fun in regards to the use of those minute pincers of thermal terror. No doubt they’ve caused some early morning traumas in their time.

Imagine it’s 7.25am, you have 5 minutes until commute lift off and you’ve come to the realisation that your shirt is unforgivably creased… DON’T PANIC! Whack a thick jumper on and use a pair of straighteners to iron the visible areas of your shirt and collar. You’ll never be subjected to excessive interrogations based on clothing affairs again.




3. Mug Cakes

Mix up your ingredients, splodge it all into your favourite mug and pop it in the microwave. Need we really elaborate here? We are cake lovers in the OMJ office. Anything syrupy and doughy goes down incredibly well circa 3pm. Check out all of these different recipes for anyone who LOVES CAKE and loves it fresh! There are even some recipes for those with a savoury preference which eradicates internal FOMO.



4. FitBolt 

There is far too much research conducted on desk jobs and how bad they are for our health, not the mention that fact that they are apparently killing us (sobs) but this new app completely punctures that! Don’t allow your career to be the culprit of your middle-aged obesity (at least let gluttony and fabulous food steal that role) and follow FitBolt’s handy little exercises to keep those trotters moving:

fitbolt homer gif


5. Anti-thieving Sandwich Bags 


Have you been the victim of a sandwich theft and you’re not sure who to turn to? FEAR NO MORE. These handy anti-theft sandwich bags will eliminate all future thefts in a secure and ethical way. No win no fee.

life hacker


6. Magnet Stations

uncps (1)

How useful would it be if we were all hyper-magnetic, with the ability to effortlessly attach our essential objects to each others arms and legs?! What a funny world we would live in if that was the case.

Unfortunately, we don’t have an app or a magic spell to help you with that one, but one thing you can do to make your work life more magnetically-pleasing is to create a magnet station under your desk. Great for storage and it’s actually pretty fun! I love magnets…



7. Grammarly 

There is nothing worse than spending significant amounts of time typing up emails and social posts, to then find shed loads of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes within the text. Even worse is when someone has to point it out to you. In all honesty, it happens to everyone. Especially now that we live in a world where most of us use phones and tablets as a principal working tool.

Step in Grammarly! This fabulous app follows you around the internet, on Word and in Outlook to flag up any typos, grammatical mistakes and spelling errors you’ve made. It. Is. Amazing. It even rounds it all up in a weekly report to tell you how horrendously inaccurate you are. The only slight issue is the fact that it is an American app. You still need to know your English language well as it will try to correct “s” with “z”, but apart from that, you’re GOLDEN.

You're Your



8. Little Lego Men

This one is just genuinely good fun. Miniature versions of everything induces happiness and everlasting joy for at least the first five minutes post initial discovery. Use old Lego characters to look after your wires. You’ll never get in a tangle again and you’ll be a highly improved version of yourself for approximately 24 minutes after each lego-centric glance.

little lego men


9. USB Vacuum

Another miniature to make you smile every day, the USB vacuum. The only issue with this little gadget is that unfortunately it can encourage extensive clutter creation. Purely because the entire workforce wants a go with it and that requires copious crumbs.




10. Namerick

How awkward, on a scale of one to ten, is it when you are introduced to a room full of people, in one of those situations where you’re required to be sociable, and you literally remember no one’s name bar one but only because he shares it with your sisters childhood hamster (the one you put in the microwave on your 7th birthday because you were “curious”)?

It can be a harrowing experience. I’d say it probably tips the scales to the point where it’s slowly drilling a hole in the floor. Namerick is a handy little app that has been designed to help people avoid these atrocious conditions. With Namerick, you will never forget a name AGAIN!

forgot name



11. Headspace

Everyone has those days in the office where they literally want to chew the head off their nearest colleague, for the treasonous crime of simply breathing near their personal happy cloud. We don’t recommend bodily harm towards colleagues, no matter how intensely disturbing they might be, but we do recommend Headspace.

I once had a colleague named (that I named) “The Pad Slapper”. He used to spend the majority of his working day slapping his pads aggressively against the desk next to mine. He would then advance to perform his half-hourly stretches, which reached so far into my personal desk space, that the smell of his marmite breath would sting the tip of my tongue, causing chilling outbursts which were highly uncomfortable for all in the vicinity. It was weird. He caused me deep angst and my anxiety levels rose.

Headspace rescued me from this hideous time in my life, and now I’d like impart my zen secrets to our wonderful recruiter audience.



12. The Eyes In The Back Of Your Head

Do you have that one person in the office whose voice you DREAD when you hear it creeping up behind you? The one who just turns up at the back of your chair. You don’t know how long they’ve been there. You don’t know what they’re looking for. It’s all very TRAUMATIC.

Well, check out this hack. An old pair of sunglasses has more uses than its place at the bottom of your wardrobe amongst trashed Halloween costumes and the unworn shoes you bought circa 97! Strategically placed on your desk, these babies will let you know next time Jan from Learning & Development comes sneaking around your space.


Plus, we can’t all be as lucky as Quirrell with a Voldemort in the back of his head…





13. Get JIGGY (in the dancing sense…)

There are no secrets to this work-life hack, other than the fact that sometimes you just need to unleash the inner hip hop beast inside you. It is scientifically proven (probably) that getting a bit jiggy in short outbursts is superbly beneficial for one’s health and wellbeing. Next time you get in the lift, just try it out. It’s not hard. Just move your arms and legs in opposite directions and shake yo ass like you firmly believe that you and Beyonce were separated at birth. It is also recommended for testing reaction times. How quick can you return to your static state when those doors open on Floor 3?





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