15 Walking Dead Moments Every Recruiter Can Relate To

It really was only a matter of time before we posted something ‘The Walking Dead‘ related on our site…


When a candidate at offer stage says ‘I just need to consult my spouse’.

When you’ve missed target third month in a row and your manager requests a “quick chat”.

When you’re sorry for stealing that candidate…but you’re not that sorry.

When a candidate adds you on Facebook.

When you beat your biggest competitor to a place on a fee-guaranteed, 3-year PSL.

Your long-serving, recruitment veteran colleague and his immensely profound statements.

‘I’ve decided to go through another recruiter for that role’ the one you’ve been working on for 2 weeks exclusively.

When you see a job ad online…with a CONTACT EMAIL at the bottom.

The day after the Christmas party, still inebriated on two hours sleep.

The way EVERY office rumour begins.

The results of your offsite, recruitment guru training session.


What a client experiences when they’ve just posted a new role on their careers site #noagenciesplease.

When your top billing consultant hands their notice in.

Nothing like an inspirational speech to get you going for a week of business development and face-to-face interviews.

If you’ve got some marketing jobs to fill and fancy discussing them with like-minded ‘The Walking Dead’ fanatics, our Account Managers are absolutely the guys for you! Alongside their passion for ‘The Walking Dead’, they actually know a thing or two about job advertising across the marketing, advertising, creative, digital and media disciplines (shocking I know!). Contact them on 0203 176 6677 or alternatively contact them here.

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