25 Dogs With Jobs

Dogs behaving like humans. The observation of which has practically become a full-time profession for some. A hobby. A guilty pleasure for office workers internationally. Why? Well if you’ve never seen a video of a dog behaving like a human, you’re at a serious disadvantage in life without even REALISING IT. Check these guys out…


1. The Hustler

2. The Actor

3. The Commentator

4. The Techie

5. The Biker

6. The Student

7. The Superdog

8. The Nanny

9. The Pianist

10. The Food Taster

11. The Judge

12. The Fire Brigade

13. The Head Elf

14. The Dolphin Trainer

15. The Snoop Dawg

16. The Stuntman

17. The Pro Golfer

18. The Professional Slob

19. The Personal Trainer

20. The Cabbie

21. The Carpenter

22. The Contortionist

23. The Priest

24. The Tightrope Artist

25. Simon Cowell



Unfortunately dogs don’t yet have the physical or intellectual capabilities to utilise our site to its full potential, so if you were thinking of hiring one of these guys we can’t help you there.

However, we do receive applications from some highly talented candidates across the marketing, digital and creative spectrum who could give these furry fluff balls a run for their money. If you’re currently advertising marketing jobs why don’t you give one of our Account Managers a call? They won’t bite and they only bark when they’re hungry so contact them on 0203 176 6677 or alternatively contact them here.

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