3 Types Recruitment-related Content To Feed Your Online Audience

You are what you put out content-wise, and I can tell you first-hand, it’s not an easy job. For many recruiters, content doesn’t come naturally, and having the confidence to branch out in the first place is rare. In a world where keyboard warriors exist to pounce on the unsuspecting and competition for quality content is high, it’s hardly surprising that people are easily deterred from sharing their content online and who can blame them? Now it’s time to be brave. Where do you even start?

Breaking your ideas up into three parts. These three segments are crucially important to initiate the beginning of your content strategy, not only to achieve variety, but in order to drive traffic, share your expertise and demonstrate credibility within your sector. You can break this down:


Brain food

This is your opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and really validate your position. There’s no right or wrong here. You’re allowed to have an opinion and there’s enough research in the world to challenge virtually every view point. Your brain food category is a great place to talk about your own pioneering research, your personal and collective company experiences, and your expertise within the industry.

Our examples of brain food:

Why Content Marketing Is So Important For Modern Day Recruiters

11 Reasons Why Good Employees Abandon You

How To Recruit The New Neoteric Generation Z


Funny stuff

It’s the funny stuff that drives traffic, shares and ultimately pushes your brand into the social limelight. As much as we love the really hard-hitting, problem solving pieces, they don’t tend to travel quite as far, at least not with our audience anyway! With the fun stuff you can afford to push the boundaries a little depending on how flexible your brand guidelines are.

Our examples of funny stuff:

16 #RecruiterProblems Memes Every Recruiter Can Relate To

13 Harry Potter Characters You WILL Find In Recruitment

16 Of The Funniest Job Applications EVER


Problem solving hacks

These are the pieces that are designed to help your community and make their professional lives easier. Think about ‘top tips’ and ‘how to’ articles; the kind of content that is designed to help cut a few corners in a positive way. People love a ‘hacks’ article, they really do, so take advantage of it! There’s no end of inspiration for blogs like this online so get searching.

Our examples of problem solving hacks:

5 Ways To Attract Top Talent With Limited Salary Budget

5 Tips To Recruit Top Talent In The Public Sector

13 Top Office Hacks To Improve Work Life Ambience


What do all of these articles have in common? They are all unquestionably relevant to our audience whilst still remaining diverse. There is such a large breadth of topics to touch on, no matter what industry you operate in. All it takes is a little imagination and a strategy for some structure and you’re golden!

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