4 Key Behaviours Of The High Performing Recruiter

What is the magic potion ingested by high performing recruiters that disconnects them from their low performing colleagues? What do they do that draws a thick line between them and low performers in the same business, all of whom have access to the same training and resources?

Check out these 4 key behaviours, performed by high calibre recruiters that you can start implementing today:


1. Use The Internet More Effectively – Work SMART 

Top performers are not only using the internet LESS, but they know how to use it more effectively, cutting down their search time quite significantly. Low performing consultants generally spend 50% more time on the web than high performers.


2. Highly Targeted Searches 

The correlation relating to high performers using the internet to a lesser degree than low performers, also aligns with the fact that they are executing highly targeted searches.

For example, high performers use the advanced search function on LinkedIn, 4 times more often than the average recruiter. What does this tell you?

It is not rocket science to conduct tighter, more efficient searches. The best place to start, is to  accumulate every last scrap of information that you possibly can out of your hiring managers (squeeze them if you must) , in relation to the role you’re recruiting for. This should provide you with all the keywords you need to perform the most relevant search. High performers make good use of Boolean searching which again, is not difficult to use. It is actually more straight forward than a generic search which returns an unimaginable amount of candidates, many of which, will not be relevant. In terms of search, top performing recruiters are simply getting to the best candidates FASTER than the low performers.


3. Mornings Are Precious

Did you know that 6am was the best time to send an email in relation to response rate? Why?

What do most people do when they wake up? Check their Facebook, check their Twitter, oh and CHECK EMAIL! Similarly, 8pm is the second best time to send an email, for the fairly obvious reason that when people are settling down for the evening, they are more likely to be receptive to notifications and messages popping up on their phones.

The worst time of day to send an email in terms of getting a response is 4pm. So just don’t bother. No one wants to hear from you at 4pm. All they are thinking about is home time. And dinner.

High performers spend their mornings engaging with their candidates and clients, be it over the phone, over email, whatever channel they can possibly use, they will be using. They reserve their afternoons for all their admin.


4. Multi-Channel Engagement

Don’t be scared to connect with candidates across multiple channels. High performers certainly have no fear when it comes to multi-channel engagement. We are living in a highly connected world and most candidates will have a presence across multiple social platforms.

The medium which scores highest above all the rest in terms of response rate is the TELEPHONE. Good old fashioned recruiting right there! You see, whilst low performers are sat clicking through profiles, connecting with one after the other, after the other, after the other, high performers are looking at those same candidates, scrolling down to wear they work and they are calling them! The high performer just outdid you. Again.


If you want to be a high performer you need to dispel all fear and be a little bit ballsy. Some recruiters might not feel as confident over the phone, so LinkedIn and email seems like a safe bet because they know that candidates have the option of emailing back or ignoring you.

You need to be a bit brave! Yes you may get knock-backs calling people up on the phone whilst they are at work, but unless they aren’t in, you’ve jumped at least one hurdle by speaking to them directly.


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