5 Easy Steps Towards Attracting Talent Based On Culture

How many times have you as a recruiter, interviewed at a company whose employees resemble the production line at a Honda factory? Robotic. Identical. Completely process driven with zero room for manoeuvre. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fairly sure that the inner workings of a Honda factory, or indeed any factory, would  be a fascinating sight to behold, but the traits of complex machinery are hardly what most candidates desire in their future colleagues and employer. After all, for the majority of us, it’s nice to work with humans isn’t it (animals being a MAJOR exception. That would be grrrreat)?

It is becoming more important than ever to offer a working environment that fits seamlessly alongside the personal lives of employees. Modern job-seekers now look for so much more than a stable job with a good salary. They are far more concerned about working in a creative, flexible, exciting environment than they are about the salary they take home with them.

So what do some of the most successful recruiters do to ensure that they attract the best talent into their business?


Undertake A Process Analysis

The best place to start here is by looking at your current recruitment practices. Is your current interviewing and on-boarding process attractive to potential hires? Put yourself in the shoes of your candidates. What do your adverts look like? Do you have a careers page? Is there plenty of information about the business? Does the offer look attractive? If it looks boring to you, it’s going to look boring to candidates. It’s a fairly easy exercise to complete and it probably won’t take a HR professional very long to do. You should know the inner workings of your business like the back of your hand.

Look at your entire recruitment strategy. How do you reach your candidates? Do you use social media? What does your employer brand look like? You need to deconstruct your entire process and be critical. Identify the weak spots and plan your turnaround. Something that can really help you with this process is candidate feedback. You should be taking feedback from both successful hires and candidates who didn’t quite make the cut. It’s the best way to get a solid understanding of your process and it’s a free insight.


Think Outside The Box With Advertising

It’s simply not good enough to fluff about on your job adverts. This is the first thing many candidates will see as an introduction to the role and your company. Be as creative and inspiring as the parameters of your employer brand allow when it comes to job adverts. Make sure you include all the necessary information you need on the company, the role and the reward. When you read it back to yourself, you need to be thinking ‘I want this job it sounds great’. If you don’t feel compelled to say that then you need to adjust accordingly. Writing an advert doesn’t need to be a chore. Enjoy it! Use videos if you have them. Candidates are looking for workplaces to thrive in and ultimately enjoy. Advertising is their very first insight into what you have to offer culturally and developmentally.


Collaborate With Internal Talent

If you really want to overhaul your process to attract talent, you’re going to have to get the buy-in of senior management to eradicate any issues that are preventing you from making the most out of your recruitment efforts. It’s as simple as that. It might be that you need a temp in your team for while to allow you to do this. Once you can ease the pain of some of the initial problems, look at who you have internally. Do you have a strong marketing department that can assist you on the employer branding front? Do you have a good digital team to help revamp the website? Utilise your people! Exploit what you’ve got. Get the rest of the business as passionate and excited about the recruitment of fresh talent as you are. Easier said than done in some organisations but you don’t know until you try.


Goal-first Attitude

Once you know what the end goal is, work backwards.

  • What are you really trying to achieve?
  • What kind of culture are you trying to build/already exists?
  • What personality traits do your existing employees have in common?
  • What was their reason to join your business?

Discover the common, positive denominator among your staff and pluck branches from it.


Honesty Is The Best Policy 

You’ve got to be true to the brand and culture of your business. Yes you could go crazy and shout about all the amazing socials you go on, the discount gym membership you offer, the free lunches and the beer fridge. If the reality of this is after work drinks once a year, the POSSIBILITY of a discount gym membership, a couple of 2 week old sandwiches in the fridge and an empty beer can from that one time Paul bought beers on the hottest day of the year, you’re going to lose the talent you’ve clearly tried so hard to attract. It’s not worth it. The more honest you are about the role and the business culture, the more likely you’re going to build a sterling workforce that gels perfectly.


If you get all these things right, you should in turn attract candidates who are not only a good fit for your business, but who will thrive in your environment. The first stop for many candidates, is the job board and we have thousands of candidates who could be ideal culture ambassadors for you business, just waiting to see your marketing and creative job adverts pop up. Our Account Managers are experts in job advertising, and they would love to consult you on how to create and post the perfect adverts for your business. Contact them on 0203 176 6677 or alternatively contact them here.

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