5 Reasons Why Your Candidates Get Rejected At Interview

We work with a huge number of recruitment agencies here at OnlyMarketingJobs.com and we have a lot of conversations with consultants about some of the challenges and successes they face within their roles. One of the most common conversations we have is the candidate rejection piece. The scenario where the seemingly perfect candidate on paper gets completely dropped from the process and the mystery that surrounds it. Truth be told, as a recruiter, you can do quite a lot to ensure they’re in with the best chance. Obviously it’s ultimately up to them, but if you prep them properly at least you know it was nothing you did!


1. Lack Of Preparation

Candidates need to do their homework before going out to an interview, and you’re in the perfect position to assist them with this. If you know the business, function or hiring manager that you’re working with well, you can impart any knowledge you’ve gained from that relationship onto your candidate, so that even if they don’t do as much research as they should, they shouldn’t be completely clueless about it.


2. Little To No Understanding Of The Job And Company

Similarly to the above point, one of the main reasons good candidates get rejected at interview is as a result of little understanding about the business and the role. Some of the best recruiters in our network ensure they prep their candidates thoroughly throughout the process, both over the phone and over email if they need to. They won’t let a candidate go to an interview if they don’t think they have a good level of understanding beforehand. Never underestimate this step. It seems that a little extra prep on your side can go a long way.


3. Lack Of Passion And Enthusiasm

Don’t send a candidate to an interview if they sound too lax and halfhearted in terms of their attitude towards it. If this comes across to you as their recruiter, it will come across to the interviewer on the day. Sometimes it can be tempting to send candidates to interviews to compliment your targets, but in the long run it’s not worth it and it won’t help your credibility as a recruiter, both from a client and from a candidate perspective.


4. Not A Good Team Fit

If you know the business you’re hiring for, you’ll know if a candidate is going to fit into that culture or not. Some businesses operate a really open, diverse culture and others are very specific on the types of people they see fitting into their businesses. If I candidate doesn’t ‘feel right’, they will more often than not reject them, regardless of their competency level. A candidate who’ll end up segregated from the rest of the pack is a situation every good hiring manager will want to avoid (however right or wrong that sounds!).


5. They Are More Passive Than You Think

You may think it’s an absolute win to persuade your passive, delicately headhunted candidate out to interview, but you need to make sure they are really bought in to the opportunity first. It can be a monumental waste of everyone’s time to send a candidate to an interview if they aren’t actually that bothered about leaving their current job. Passive candidates are at times the best candidates, but make sure you fully understand their situation before you send them off to an interview. The hiring managers and internal recruiters will be the first people to identify whether a candidate is really interested in their role or not.


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