6 Reasons Why Jon Snow Would Be A Really Irritating Candidate

Apart from the fact that he knows nothing, check out the 6 reasons that make our Jonny boy the most irritating candidate EVER…

We don’t know if he’s dead or live

This is nothing short of a total nightmare for recruiters. Deadline day is tomorrow and you’ve got Jon Snow standing between you and a £12,000 fee. Only problem is, you don’t know if he’s actually dead or if he’s still alive. This is a scenario no recruiter needs or wants. Especially when a decent fee is resting on it and you want to make the summer incentive in July.

You don’t know what side he’s really on

Look, we love Jon, but isn’t he meant to be like, celibate? He didn’t look too celibate when he was getting down and dirty with his feisty little wildling did he? So how can you be sure, as a recruiter, that he’s really behaving himself and being loyal to the cause? You can’t. You can’t make him swear an oath, he’ll only break it. No qualms there. It’s frustrating because we all know Jon is a good guy really. His heart is in the right place, but it’s worryingly unpredictable and this can cause serious trauma to the budding recruiter when there’s hundreds of other headhunters out there trying to poach his unique, mystical and dazzlingly good-looking skills!

He’s too rugged

The last thing you need as a recruiter, is for your candidate to show up to an interview with an overgrown head of hair, matted with blood, probable human body parts and guaranteed lice. Jon isn’t going to be the cleanest candidate is he? As much as we LOVE to watch him on Game of Thrones, when’s the last time he actually had a good wash? We can’t answer that and it’s concerning to be honest. We are all for diversity and being yourself, but cleanliness is essential and you don’t want your client gagging their way through the interview.

He’s a Warg

You may or may not know this about our Jon, but he, along with most of the other Stark kids, is a Warg. This means he can enter the minds of dogs and wolves to control their behaviour. Now, the reason why this is a potentially stressful situation for a recruiter, is the fact that Jon isn’t fully aware of his secret, magical powers yet. What happens if you send him off to his interview, and your client’s office has a dog? What if he accidentally discovers his rare, supernatural strengths on this very day and in that very hour? His eyes will go white, he’ll zone out and the interview is effectively ruined (assuming their dog can’t speak and take over). Whilst your client is sat opposite a comatose Jon Snow, dialing 999 for an ambulance, their dog is going to be going absolutely berserk in the office, I mean, wouldn’t you go wild in the body of a dog if you were a Warg? It is going to be MAYHEM. It isn’t worth the risk and your client will probably never use you again.

Lack of urgency and conviction

We all remember Jon’s last chat with Ned Stark don’t we? The one where Ned goes “the next time we see each other, we’ll talk about your mother” and Jon just accepts that and they part ways. What the hell is that all about? Surely, if he actually CARED or had any sense of urgency he’d probe Ned and demand the answers that are so important to his biological understanding? This should set a few alarm bells off for the smartest of recruiters. You need candidates who know what they want and make decisions with conviction. I’m not 100% sure that Jon could provide this kind of security.

He’s not great with tech

It is a recruiter’s worst nightmare when they can’t get in touch with a candidate, especially when that candidate is engaged in a process with a highly valued client. In Jon’s case, he just has no chuffing clue what he’s doing with an iPhone. A few too many days, months, years on The Wall has done absolutely nothing for his technological development. Think about the first time your mum got an iPhone. The questions, the shouting, THE STRESS, the tears! Now apply that to Jon on a daily basis. Nightmare.

As much as we’d secretly love to have Jon Snow signed up to our job alerts, I don’t think we do. We don’t get many ads for the Nights Watch. However, we do have a number of highly talented candidates who are definitely lice-free, tech-aware and have control of their Warg tendencies. If you have marketing jobs to advertise both in the UK and internationally, get in touch with one of our Account Managers today. Contact them on 0203 176 6677 or alternatively contact them here.

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