7 Ways Home Alone Educated Us On The World Of Recruitment

Who knew it had been 25 years since we first enjoyed young Kevin McCallister get abandoned by his parents for Christmas, and forced to defend his (rather lovely) family home, from two moderately terrible, highly illogical criminals? Well, it’s true! 25 long years since Macaulay Culkin graced our screens in his terribly endearing role as the “forgotten child” and amazingly, the Home Alone films still induce the same festive sentiment in viewers today as it did throughout the 90’s. The Home Alone films are iconic. They are timeless Christmas classics that carry some very strong messages about life, all of which are yet to lose their relevancy.

To celebrate Home Alone’s 25th birthday, we bring you ‘7 Ways Home Alone Educated Us On The World Of Recruitment’. Believe it or not, Kevin McCallister probably would have been a pretty good recruiter. He exhibits personality traits and skills in the film, that recruiters need in order to survive today’s recruitment landscape. We hope the clips get you as festive as they got us (it’s never too early for Christmas films after all).



1. Mistakes Are Inevitable

We all make mistakes, and nine times out of ten, they fail to instigate Armageddon. You might have one of those days, where you email someone and get their name tragically wrong, or spend an hour interviewing a totally irrelevant candidate, who spent the remaining 25 minutes of the call discussing his big screen debut on Brookside 27 years ago, where he starred as a comatose casualty admitee, for all of 45 seconds. You might put two sugars in the boss’ coffee instead of one, but it’s no biggy! Learn to take mistakes on the chin. No one ever advanced by getting things right every time.

home alone 1

2. Be Resourceful

You’ve got to work with your resources and act as efficiently as possible. Productivity is essential for a propserous recruitment workforce. Understand all the resources you have available to you and use them as effectively as possible! For a few pointers, check out this article to find out how you can begin working smarter.

home alone 2

3. Planning Is Imperative

You’ve got to be the man or woman with a plan! As a recruiter, you are continually working to narrow deadlines, whether it’s the timescale for a recruitment campaign, or a scheduled interview with a candidate that you must adhere to. You should crave a plan. It can be as straightforward as using your Outlook Calendar to maximum effect, or purchasing a business diary if written reminders are your preference. PLAN.

home alone 4

4. Screw the competition!

Recruitment is an exceptionally competitive marketplace. You could be vying for the same PSL, the same vacancy and even for the same candidates and it’s in your best interest to win them! Sometimes you just have to screw the competition and do whatever it takes to make yourself stand out. You want to be first choice recruiter for your clients, but it takes a heck of a lot of resilience.

5. Be Ruthless

In your quest for competition elimination, you’re going to have to be ruthless. Likewise, your ego is probably going to take a few hits. Businesses can’t work with every single recruiter. That would be stupid. You’re going to suffer the odd knockback. It’s inevitable. Don’t let it dull that raw determination that drives you to recruitment victory. You’ve got to be fierce and let your unwavering tenacity greet the”no’s” with a cheesy grin..

home alone 5

6. When In Doubt, Blag It Out

You’re going to feel out of your depth. Pitches, for example,  can be terrifying experiences. Especially if the client is an important one, with the potential to earn the business a lot of money (and you a pat on the back along with your No.1 spot on the leaderboard!). If in doubt, you just need to relax and blag it a bit. The less you worry, the better the experience will be for you personally, regardless of the outcome. It also makes for a fun story to tell your colleagues, which allows you to use blag-based phrases such as “Yah I totes blagged it” and “Mate that was an absolute blagger” in universal glee.

home alone 6

7. Chill out

Don’t freak out!!! That should be slapped across the walls of every recruitment office in the country. Sometimes you just need to relax. No one wants to look like our Kev does here…#worrying



We hope you enjoyed Kevin McCallister and Home Alone’s unlikely lessons on recruitment!


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