9 Emotional Situations For The Modern Recruiter

Recruitment is no less than an emotional war zone. You emerge at your desk every day, frightfully unaware of the danger or potential euphoria that is eagerly anticipating your ALWAYS impeccably punctual arrival. We thought we would bring to life some of these VERY real, emotional situations, so that those who berate you and have little understanding of your legitimate struggles, can gain some kind of grasp on the battlefield that is RECRUITMENT!

1.Your walk home after making placement.

Is it a bird??? Is it a plane??? Is it Beyonce??? We don’t know but we do know this b*tch is fierce.


made a placement beyonce walk

2. The candidate ownership battle. 

When you and your colleague find that same amazing candidate on linkedin

3. When a candidate pulls out at offer stage after a 3 month recruitment campaign and a picky client. This is no more a bit of business than it is a highly publicised religious reformation.

the lord is testing me (stressed)

4. The ‘Oh am I really Top Biller 12 months in a row? Didn’t actually know…(NOT)’ face.

Every rec agency possesses one. The kind of face that makes you want to pull out your hair and eat it.


5. The Friday afternoon of month end. You’ve been in recruitment no less than 6 months and you’re already a borderline alcoholic with a penchant for peanuts. 


6. Your candidate has accepted and signed their contract which you forced them to do so with ink drawn from their own blood. You’ve bound them biologically to their new role and you are WELL happy!


6. Beating your biggest competitor to the punch. That’s what some may call AGILE.

beating your competitors to the punch

7. When the coffee delivery’s a day late. The very nectar that fuels your enduring tenacity through these dark, distressing winter mornings has been cruelly snatched away from you with no hint of mercy. All you can do now is focus on fighting for what remains of your mortality for at least the next 9 hours. This isn’t just about a job anymore. This is about your LIFE.

determined gif 2

8. Those days when you just can’t be arsed. You’ve all been there. If you’re saying you haven’t you’re only lying to yourself.

“Ah right, yeah, work, yeah. I’m just erm, sourcing candidates today”


LOL JOKE I’m pissing myself laughing internally watching video links from Dean in IT of dogs dressed up as humans.

Laughing wildy

9. When you’ve got a frightfully unrealistic target and you know you’re not going to hit it. Instead of attempting to smash your target you render yourself temporarily indisposed due to an unidentified, highly severe and extremely rare medical condition. You display the odd symptom for approximately 48 hours before deadline day #Twitchy.

weird twitched



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