Is ‘What Is Your Biggest Weakness?’ The Worst Interview Question Ever?

For tripping up candidates, yes. I think so! As a stand alone question, I’ve seen worse. I also think it’s a difficult one because without knowing the inner workings of the business you’re interviewing with, you can’t truly predict what they are looking for in your answer. Every interviewer is different and every culture is unique so how can you possibly know? The truth is, you can’t!

As recruiters, how do you expect your candidates to answer this question? I came across an article on Recruitment Grapevine on the subject which referenced a Reddit conversation on the topic, the answers of which are collated below:

What is your biggest weakness?



What is your biggest weakness?



What is your biggest weakness?



What is your biggest weakness?



What is your biggest weakness?



What is your biggest weakness?



What is the best response you’ve ever had to this question?


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