May The Force Be With You: Which Recruitment Hero Are You?

There’s good and bad everywhere right? The Star Wars saga is unsurprisingly no different in that respect. Goodies and badies. The essential ingredients to a successful saga’s skeleton. Recruitment is the same! Good and bad. So what do you reckon you’d be? A Recruitment Sith Lord or a Recruitment Jedi?


The Sith

The unrivalled badies of recruitment. Despite speculation concerning their existence, we can assure you that sightings are still regularly reported. They use candidate CV’s for canvassing on a daily basis as a cheap and lazy form of business development. They recommend the wrong candidates to clients, knowing full well that the exacerbated drivel they’re spouting is pure poppycock. A good one is the candidate database deception:

“I’ve got 100,000 plus candidates on my books at the moment, all of whom are passive job-seekers but have specifically cited your business as one they would be interested in should an opportunity become available”

Believable too!

The male species wear trousers so tight you can’t help but fixate your line of vision mid-body and they have the capability to house a small bee colony in their rock hard, pristine quiff. The Sith is forever smuggling calls outside of the office and on the rare occasion a client or candidate calls their direct line, they keep their voice so low that it’s a miracle they can be heard on the other end at all!


The Jedi

Recruitment industry good guys. There’s nothing more internally pleasing than top recruiter, who’s just an all-round good EGG. We don’t need to think hard to spot the Jedi. They are almighty  leaders with freakishly calm dispositions and their presence is infectious. They are fiercely honest and pride themselves on their stone-strong values. Their main career objective is to create the perfect symbiotic relationship between clients and candidates. They are do-gooders. Peacemakers.
Not only are they impeccably well-behaved, but they are really good at what they do. They consistently hit target and make it look effortless. Everyone in the office likes them because:

A: they want to know their recruitment secrets

B: it’s impossible not to like them as their presence is verging on celestial and aspiring Jedi hope it might rub off on them


So Which Hero You? Luke, Leia, or Han Solo?


“The Force is strong with this one”

You are the shining star of the recruitment world. Although you may not be a Jedi yet you continue to work yourself to the bone to become the ultimate recruiter. Senior management notice that little glint in your eye and are constantly remarking that you ‘just don’t know how good you are’. Stealing candidates is a phenomenon that’s alien to you, if anything, you’re more likely to recommend a candidate to a struggling colleague and allow them keep all the cash for it. You’d never be tempted over to the dark side and there’s a high probability that you will remain loyal to your current company until the end of your career. You’re just great really. It’s almost boring how perfect you are.



You’re strong-willed, dominating and determined. You’ve been in the recruitment game for longer than your colleagues think, even though you look ‘fresh to death’. Your determination to find the right candidate is unfaltering and nothing will stand in your way; be it a Sith or the Death Star. Your colleagues would describe you as ‘well ‘ard’ in the North and ‘totes a toughy’ in the South. You’re just as strong as Luke but your strengths contrast each other. You compliment each other well as part of a team and you’re used to those awkward brother/sister jokes. You are without a doubt a powerful recruiter, and few people suspect the claims you make in the workplace whether that be revenue predictions for the week or your instinctive radar where new hires are concerned.

You are also partial to questionable hairstyles. Usually on Fridays.


Han Solo

The rebellious rogue, you’re loyal at heart and passionate although you don’t like to divulge this side of your personality to the outside world. You may have done some slightly questionable things in the past to get the job done, but hey, you get stuff done! You’re reformed and will always be there to back-up your colleagues without question so people love to be on your side. At times you wonder whether you’d rather be somewhere else doing something else. You are forever threatening to leave but we all know you’re in this game until the end. You’ll still be doing this at 73.


Hungry for more inter-galactical teachings? Check out Yoda’s recruitment lessons.

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