Recruitment Marketers! What would you like to stop doing in 2017?

We’ve been writing a lot recently about what to STOP in 2017. Marketing is next on my agenda to “trim”. There’s almost too much being done in marketing and we are all at risk falling into the 50% wastage marketing model.


 “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half

John Wanamaker

We were delighted to sponsor the Marketing Star award at the MARAs last year. We wanted to recognise individuals in a role which is so critical to the sales process – and that goal was definitely achieved on the night! (Don’t forget to enter this year)

We’re looking to support our recruitment marketing community further, which is why I’m running a free webinar with Tracey Barrett from BlueSky PR in February:

What to STOP doing with your Recruitment Marketing in 2017

Register here

…but I need your help.

  • What do you wish you could stop doing in 2017?
  • What drives you nuts?
  • What seems to offer little ROI (Return on Investment)?

Please take this 20 second survey. We’ll keep your data confidential – but will use the overall stats to create content.

Click the link to start. It’s painless, cathartic and flipping helpful!

Check out the rest of our series on what recruiters and recruitment leaders can stop doing this year:

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