Top 10 Recruitment Blogs Of 2015

Check out our Top 10 Recruitment Blogs of 2015. As the year slowly draws to a close, we have looked back on our top recruitment blogs, and picked out a top 10 list of our favourites. Blogs are a fabulous way to retrieve new ideas, learn more about your industry and when you find a fun one, can be particularly entertaining! Especially the quirkier ones.

1. I Love Recruitment

Part of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals, the writers of this blog write an array of posts, each from very different perspectives; social media, recruitment accreditation’s,  marketing and recruiters (as well as a heck of a lot more!).


2. The Undercover Recruiter

The Undercover Recruiter is an industry favourite and is one of the most popular blogs worldwide for recruitment professionals. Expect a good mix of serious and playful blogs on here. If you aren’t already following it, it can be a great source of inspiration for you. This is one of the most consistent blogs we follow, and we credit them for their constant ideas generation and comprehensive resource of articles.


3. People Stuff

Managed by Gemma Reucroft, this is a very English blog and we love how honest and frank it is! Gemma is not afraid to argue about what she believes in. Expect some interesting stuff on employment law as well as the occasional off-beat tangent…well…everyone loves a tangent!

people stuff

4. People Management: The CIPD Blog

This is a fabulous blog from the CIPD, which contributes a wide array of people management and HR articles. We like it because it also contains some interesting industry news, for example, pay in the NHS and juicy stuff about badly behaved CEO’s!






5. Recruiting Daily

Recruiting daily has a strong network of 100k+ recruitment professionals and their goal is to provide as much meaningful information as possible to their growing community. As well as articles, they offer a wide range of video, podcasts and whitepapers among other valuable resources for their audience.




6. LinkedIn’s Talent Blog

LinkedIn is no doubt at the forefront of today’s social recruitment industry, and we can’t think of a better place to have a talent blog. They provide round-ups of LinkedIn’s most popular articles and have a highly experienced group of writers who contribute on a daily basis, all of whom have a strong mix of recruitment and communications experience to give their writing the relevance it quite obviously radiates.



7. Boolean Blackbelt

Written by Glen Cathey, a highly experienced recruitment professional who is fiercely passionate about everything from talent acquisition to social engagement. His blog was created as an outlet for him to share his thoughts on sourcing and talent discovery, among other recruitment related topics. His blog, Boolean Blackbelt is among the top 25 recruitment blogs shared socially world-wide, so if you haven’t read it, here it is!


8. UK Sourcers

Who knew sourcing could be so…VIBRANT?! UK Sourcers is a community run by Katharine Robinson A.K.A The Sourceress and really is one of the most exciting recruitment blog reads we have come across in a while. Their ultimate aim is to offer as much help and key information in order to aid recruiters UK-wide in working more effectively and we reckon she has absolutely smashed it!



UK Sourcers



9. Recruitment Buzz

Recruitment Buzz is an independent publishing business who have distributed over 40,000 stories across the sector since 2012. They have a great mix of articles and separate sections for recruitment consultants, in-house recruiters and international recruitment professionals. We love the way the website is set out and their professional approach to providing key information is second to none.




10. Black Coffee Blog

If you are looking for something that’s a little more tongue in cheek then the Black Coffee Blog is exactly where you’re going to find it! Written largely by Simon Lewis – recruitment veteran, events extraordinaire and ideas generator for the Edge Global Media Group – this blog is not afraid to push the boundaries, but manages to provide recruiters with an assortment of great tips and information along the way.


black coffee minus omj

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