What Are The Champions Of Marketing And Digital Recruitment Doing Differently?

Marketing and digital recruitment has changed dramatically over the last 20 years, as has the entirety of the recruitment landscape. As our marginally more mature Director, Mr Simon Lewis will echo, the face of recruitment as a pure sales function is slowly becoming dispelled in favour of branding exercises and analytics.

The universal approach to recruitment has transformed and consistently changes year-on-year. No longer are firms relying on soul-destroying telephone KPI’s and cut-throat culture. Nope. There is a fresh breed of recruiter on the scene. An intelligent breed. This is a variety who acknowledges the importance of adding genuine, recyclable value, rather than purely depending on the mass manufacture of hard sales. Other than the widespread consultative approach which has been adopted by most agencies as of late, the real victors are immersing themselves into the realm of unique content and recruitment as a marketing function. They are becoming credible experts in the marketing and digital industry. They are contributing, curating and engaging with complex analytics like never before.

Our Ideas Generator, Recruitment Veteran and Co-founder, Simon Lewis, teamed up with Colleague Software to discuss the changes to the marketing and digital recruitment landscape and the adoption of marketing as a prominent recruitment tool. They have produced an incredibly informative and thorough whitepaper which is available now for download. If you are looking to make tangible changes to your recruitment process, this document is the first thing you need to read. You can access this whitepaper here, or by clicking on the image below.



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